Counseling Services for Virginia and D.C. Community Associations

Attorneys who guide formation and governance

Successful community associations need reliable legal counsel on a regular basis. Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn P.C. works with new associations to create policies and procedures, and counsels established communities in implementing their policies and meeting the challenges of running a common interest community. The firm’s lawyers draft governing documents, write opinion letters, and attend your board and community meetings upon request. Click here for a video presentation about our firm.

Advising new community associations

Leading a newly formed community association requires a specialized understanding of Virginia and D.C. law. Chadwick Washington knows how to guide you through the fundamental steps  operating a newly formed or transitioning association, including:

  • Interpreting state and federal law with regard to your association’s goals
  • Drafting or revising covenants and association bylaws
  • Drafting or revising initial rules, regulations and other association policies
  • Addressing with local government requirements such as zoning
  • Negotiating construction, employment and vendor contracts
  • Handling transition issues between the association and the developer, including warranty and bond release matters

The firm helps you position your new association to succeed and comply with its governing documents.

Counseling for ongoing operations

Chadwick Washington provides effective counseling on many routine matters. You do not have to come to the firm’s offices to get your questions answered. The firm’s attorneys will attend your board meetings upon request and communicate in the most efficient means possible, offering information and direction on topics such as:

  • Membership arrears/delinquency
  • Bylaw interpretation and enforcement
  • Elections
  • Resale disclosure compliance
  • Employment issues
  • Amendments to governing documents
  • Special assessments
  • Insurance matters
  • Service contracts
  • Owner disputes

When disputes arise, the lawyers at Chadwick Washington help negotiate creative, efficient solutions to avoid litigation whenever possible.  However, if litigation is needed, the firm has the resources to ably represent your community.

A law firm providing reliable guidance to community associations in Virginia and D.C.

Chadwick Washington is sensitive to the importance of an association’s image to its ownership, and gives practical advice with an eye toward successful community relations. Contact the firm online or call 703.352.1900.

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