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The knowledgeable attorneys at Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn P.C. are pleased to provide answers to common questions about community association law.

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Why does our association need to consult an attorney about routine matters?

A community association is subject to state laws as well as local ordinances relating to property and land use. Matters that may seem straightforward can become major problems if you do not follow best practices for association governance. Though it can be helpful when a member of your board happens to be an attorney, you need independent legal counsel with in-depth knowledge of association law. Chadwick Washington helps your organization make informed decisions that position you for success.


Does the firm represent the association or the management company?

Chadwick Washington represents the association and typically does not represent management companies, which are different legal entities from your association.

Can the board address delinquencies at public meetings to avoid using collections services?

It is not advisable to use open meetings as a forum to single out members of the community for their delinquency or any other issue. While the board has a fiduciary duty to be persistent in the collection of assessments and other fees, it also must maintain a sense of good community. When association members are delinquent or cause contention, let Chadwick Washington be your buffer.

Do we still need to have a managing agent if we retain your firm?

A managing agent handles countless tasks for an association, from paying vendors to collecting fees to handling emergencies. Your attorneys advise you on many important issues, but your managing agent is responsible for handling the daily affairs of the association. The lawyers at Chadwick Washington strive to facilitate effective working relationships between community association boards and managing agents.

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